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Artist Statement for Island Life 

Last summer Beebe began making drawings of local businesses.From a simple sketchbook series, Island Life, has grown exponentially! The artist’s  family love giving suggestions for her to draw the places they love too. The whimsical colors and patterns Beebe uses in her illustrations are meant to bring the life and joy to the iconic East End locales we all love!

Artist Statement for Pink Series

Historically the lexicon of pink has strong associations, but the vast color field is indefineable. Pink has a gravity that is inescapable. The attraction of the color is essential to my work because it holds the eye and allows the viewer to find their own narrative with the color. Swift shifts from rosy joy to toxic disgust exemplifies these dynamics of pink. Bold yet subtle, the range of pink is best articulated as paint on canvas because the supple medium can endlessly be adapted. Every pink has its own mood which morphs from palette to canvas as the color is laid beside another pink. Each painting is carefully constructed with isolated moments of overlap and sparks of heat, that erupt into delicate conversations. 

Artist Statement for Gaining Glory

This body of work is rooted in the negative perspective I have long held against my body. I began with an exploration into my self-image. I discovered that my self-image is constructed of idealized versions of myself -- how I want other people to see me, internalized images from photos of myself, and mental images that make my perceived flaws prominent. Making this work means calling to mind these ideas that make me uncomfortable . As the work evolves, I moved from collage to more time-intensive processes such as embroidery. The expansion of time invested is a reflection of a growing comfort with mental images I have avoided for years. I also found a freedom in presenting my body in colors and patterns through my art that I am not secure enough to dress in.

In understanding my self-image and exploring it in my art, I have arrived at a place of acceptance. It is a place that at times I grapple with, but I also want to find a place of appreciation.  Confronting these ideas in my collage series, Her (2016-2017), I experience a release from the negativity. Sourcing collage materials from magazines allows me to use the rich colors and vibrant patterns I am attracted to. In my living in work space I am surrounded by these colors, yet when it comes to dressing myself I gravitate to dark neutral colors. The rich colors I am drawn to would bring too much attention to my body. Through self-portraiture I can explore these bold colors with a safe distance from my perceived flaws. Using magazines as a source is limiting in the scale I am able to achieve. In my series, Disfigured Relations (2016) I created my own patterns and designs which I screenprinted of a variety of color papers, then collaged onto a full size sheet of BFK paper. These collages follow the same concepts but by increasing the scale they become more assertive and less fragile. In both series however, the deconstruction and reassemblage methodology of collage allows me to shed these ugly ideas of myself.

My approach to drawing is to break down the figure into isolated shapes and bring them back together on the paper. For my self-portraits I construct the body out of seven basic shapes; these are the body parts I am most self conscious of -- the parts I have spent years obsessing over altering. I often make my drawings based on how I am feeling about my body in that moment. If I feel really bloated in my stomach or my thighs are chafing, I feel more aware of their size. This approach carries through the evolution of media in this body of work. In seeking a higher appreciation for my body, I turn to more laborious processes. Glory (2017-2018)  a series of monoprints with hand stitched beaded embroidery, takes an accumulation of weeks to complete a single work. Searching for a glorified perspective, I have to tussle with lingering negativity and struggle to keep hold of the acceptance I have achieved. Embellishing the prints with beads, I am forced to study the figure, looking for the right curve to emphasize. As I find alluring lines in the figure, the finished piece reveals its ultimate beauty, in the sweeping curves and contours of the body. My appreciation for these figures, for my body, swells. 



2017 BFA in Printmaking, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD

2012 Adelphi University’s Art Foundations Program, Garden City, NY

2011 Moore College of Art and Design’s Summer Art and Design Program, Philadelphia, PA


2019  Residency, Golden Apple, Harrington, ME

Merit Scholarship from Golden Apple Studios, Harrington, ME

2018 Top 100 Artist, Circle Foundation for the Arts, Lyon, France

Residency, Golden Apple, Harrington, ME

Merit Scholarship from Golden Apple Studios, Harrington, ME

Residency, Drop Forge & Tool, Hudson, NY

Residency, Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT

VSC Artist’s Grant, Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT

2016 Printmaking Scholarship from Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD

Grant for Outstanding Portfolio from Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD


2019 Women’s Work, Old Courthouse Art Center, Woodstock, Illinois

North Fork Art Collective Community Show, Castello di Borghese Vineyard, Cutchogue, NY

2018 ART 4 YOU Group Show with the Artist collective Studio of Garance, Floyd Memorial Library, Greenport, NY

2017 Seeking Reverence, Solo Show, Gateway I Gallery, Baltimore, MD

2016 Photography: The Form, Middendorf Gallery, Baltimore, MD

Undergraduate Juried Show, Decker Gallery, Baltimore, MD

ART4YOU Group Show with the Artist Collective Studio of Garance,

Floyd Memorial Library, Greenport, NY

#LookingThroughTheEyesOfMachinesAsStudents, (Invited) International Student     

Exchange Exhibition (UWE & MICA), Gallery Twenty Two, Bristol, UK

#LookingThroughTheEyesOfMachinesAsStudents,  (Invited) International Student

Exchange Exhibition (UWE & MICA), F-Block Gallery, University of the West of

England, Bristol, UK

Eruptions Of The Digital Into The Physical, (Invited) International Student Exchange

Exhibition (UWE & MICA), Gallery CA, Baltimore, MD

The Annual Juried Printmaking Department Show, Rosenberg Gallery, Baltimore, MD

Collage and Assemblage, Main Zero, Baltimore, MD

Aesop’s Fables, Dolphin 1, Baltimore, MD

Art, Small Print Exchange, Dolphin 1, Baltimore, MD

2015 Undergraduate Juried Show, Meyerhoff Gallery, Baltimore, MD

Nature Drawing, Fox 2 Gallery, Baltimore, MD

Parts to Whole,  Main Zero Gallery, Baltimore, MD

First the Pain, Rosenberg Gallery, Baltimore, MD

The Unquiet Mind, The Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower, Baltimore, MD

The Annual Juried Printmaking Department Show, Rosenberg Gallery Baltimore, MD

Professional Experience

2017 Studio Assistant, Printmaking Department at the Maryland Institute College of Art,

Baltimore, MD

2016 Artist Assistant, Garance Werthmuller, New Suffolk, NY

Teaching Assistant, Rebecca Gilbert Professor and Artist,

Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD

Printer and Artist Assistant, Christine Neill Artist, Baltimore, MD

2015 Assistant Printer, Monoprint Workshops by Garance, New Suffolk, NY

K Beebe is a visual artist from Long Island, New York, completing a BFA degree in Printmaking at Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. Over the past several years she has been working with collage, print, and drawing to confront and understand the emotional relationship with her body. The work focuses on abstracted figurative self-portraits.

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